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Your 2012 NCAA Tournament Day 3 Open Thread

Can Shaka and the Rams shock the Hoosiers?
Can Shaka and the Rams shock the Hoosiers?


Show of hands: Who noticed 4 seed Michigan getting bounced in between two 2 seeds losing on the same day for the first time in 64 team era history? And is anyone else completely convinced that Norfolk State is hell bent on taking a third shot at Marquette?

But today we return to the half of the bracket that DIDN'T go completely insane in the round of 64. As Marquette fans, we would like that dichotomy to continue. Today things go according to seed lines, tomorrow things go crazy again. Sound good to everyone?

Hit the jump for the list of today's games and the comments section for your thoughts on the action!

11:15am Central: #1 Syracuse vs #8 Kansas State, CBS
1:45pm: #2 Ohio State vs #7 Gonzaga, CBS
4:15pm: #3 Marquette vs #6 Murray State, CBS
5:10pm: #4 Wisconsin vs #4 Vanderbilt, TNT

6:10pm: #4 Indiana vs #12 VCU, TBS
6:45pm: #1 Kentucky vs #8 Iowa State, CBS
7:40pm: #3 Baylor vs #11 Colorado, TNT
8:40pm: #4 Louisville vs #5 New Mexico, TBS