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3.19 Morning Coffee: Back to Back Edition

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Back to back Sweet Sixteens for the first time since 1976 and 1977. When was the last time we played Florida? During the 1976 and 1977 season. When was I born? The 1976 season. That's right kids, I'm older than you.

9:17pm on a school night for the next game? That is waaaay past my bedtime. The broadcast team is Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, Len Elmore and Marty Snider. Meh. Len Elmore is awful. But we knew that already.

For those of you scoring at home, KenPom has Florida with a 53% chance of winning the game. So in other words, it is a toss up.

Anybody got a spare $1,049 laying around? I promise I'll never pay you back.

Fourteen of the Sweet 16 teams are from power conferences. This should come as no surprise, as many of the first round games had mid-major vs mid-major. Just like in football, the NCAA is all about protecting the BCS schools.

OK, UW-GB & UWM, time to step up your game: four teams from the god-awful state of Ohio are in the Sweet Sixteen.

Syracuse vs. Wisconsin? Yeeesh, impossible to root for either one of those teams. How about a slow gas leak in the arena? That's probably our best bet. Weird. I agree with Jay Cutler. And I could watch this filthy crossover all day long. Hilarious.

A look at the original cast of 21 Jump Street.

Worried about Milwaukee's downtown? Indy had a worse Saturday night.

That's a pretty good photoshop.

Mother's Day should be interesting.

Those aren't pillows, it's a freaking bear.

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Random Music Video: Toto - Hold The Line