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3.20 Morning Coffee: Thanks Edition


First off, thanks for visiting Anonymous Eagle for your Marquette Basketball web reading. Our traffic has been ridiculous over the past couple months. It's makes those $7 checks every 6 months totally worth it.

Seriously though, considering that Marquette fans, for whatever reason, flock more towards message boards over blogs, it makes the spike in traffic all that more special. Message boards are like an extension of the comments on JSOnline. They are lowest common denominator. Don't get me wrong, there are some good posters, but it always delves into a pissing contest between people. As for the blogs, we will always be second fiddle to Cracked Sidewalks, they're the king. We're just lucky to hang near them.

So back to my original point, thanks for reading, we really appreciate it.

100 photos of cheerleaders from the NCAA Tournament.

How did the pundits do compared to your bracket?

An 'interview' with Kermit & Miss Piggy.

Blues Traveler is now covering Sublime. At least it's not the Spin Doctors.

Worst. Father. Ever.

Shouldn't the Irish be doing this, not Greece?

I want to go to there.

This is a year old and new to me, but damn it's perfect. (via reddit)

Least shocking news of the day.

Green Arrow? Not sold yet.

Ackbar doesn't believe in high fashion.

Marquette Basketball Links:
The team gets a send off at 1:30 today.
Buzz will be on PTI this afternoon.
All hail, the return of Todd Rosiak!
Buzz & his cast of misfits.
Paint Touches: A look at those 7 minutes that changed the season.
Marquette matches up pretty well with Florida.
Junior leads the way.
More love for Buzz on his locker room chat after the Murray State game.
Great coaches on each team in the West Region.
Spartans, Gators make the West great.
Pete Gillen: Marquette over Florida, MSU over Marquette.
Cinesport Video: Steve Taylor a perfect fit for Marquette.
People are buying up Sweet 16 shirts.

Random Music Video: The One AM Radio