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3.21 Morning Coffee: Silly Season Edition

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The silly season arrived early yesterday. Usually stories like this happen during the offseason, not at the height of March Madness. How big of a story is it? About as big as you make it out to be. Nothing more, nothing less. If you think it's a high crime, that's your choice. If you think it's no big deal, that's your choice. Is it a dumb story? Yes. Is the timing awful? Yes.

Not to defend Don Walker [Rubie sez: and you can't, because even by the low standards of the Journal Sentinel, what Walker's doing is pathetic], but he put in the request for information weeks ago and just was given the info yesterday. Is he not supposed to run the story? [Rubie sez: He can run it if he wants. Treating it like it's a murder investigation and calling the FORKING ALDERMAN for comment is a bit much, though.] I'm guessing his boss/editor in dire need of pageviews told him to run with the story. It doesn't make it less stupid. But IF the players hadn't been previously in trouble, this would be a non-story. [Rubie sez: no, it's a non-story regardless.]

Lastly, why did the Milwaukee Police Department wait 6-7 weeks to issue tickets? [Rubie sez: because it's the Milwaukee Police Department.] And why didn't the club get tickets and have its license approved just days ago?

[Last "Rubie sez" of this post: The Admiral asked me to link to Walker's new "report" this morning, about DJO being disciplined by the school for being at the same club as his underage teammates. I'm not going to do that. If you want to watch a formerly reputable journalist sell his soul for pageviews, fine by me. But I'm not going to lead you there.]

The return of Community for a fourth season is looking good.

The new meme of tiny hands is pretty amusing.

Woah, Cousin Oliver.

One-armed pole dancer? One-armed pole dancer.

Is Starbucks good for your community?

Doctor Who fans who are parents: step up your game, the bar has been raised.

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Random Music Video: M83