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3.22 Morning Coffee: Gameday Edition

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Florida is evil and must be destroyed.

Enough of the trivial nonsense. It's gameday. KenPom has the game down to 52% win probability for Florida. So in other words, it's still a toss up. However, this is encouraging about tonight's game. I don't feel any more confident then I did against BYU or Murray State. This game should be a tight one from start to finish.

Want to know what the enemy is up to? Check out Alligator Army.

I did it backhandedly the other day, but BTA gives you a more heartfelt thanks.

Oh, Hollywood.

I already have a tattoo. I don't need one that vibrates.

Fake and Fatal movie sports.

Very clever.

Twitter turned 6 years old.

Teenagers are still stupid.

Reebok wasn't too smart with this campaign.

Must Read: The "Don't Worry About" section of this letter that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote to his daughter is FANTASTIC.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Buzz hit a half court shot yesterday.
Lori Nickel does what she does best: feature story on Buzz.
GoMarquette has a preview.
CBS: Sooner or later, Buzz will reach the Final Four.
USA Today: Jae and DJO senior leaders.
NBC: Why Jae is so valuable against Florida.
ESPN: Marquette vs. Florida preview.
Marquette Tribune: Hoping to take bite out of Gators.
Paint Touches: Looks and feels like 2003.
Sporting News: MU-UF preview.
Florida has too much talent for Marquette.
Breaking news: College Kids In Bars.
Buzz is hobnobbing with the big boys.
Grantland uses fuzzy math and has Marquette in the title game.
Jae is getting a feature on CBS tonight.
Billy Donovan has high praise for Jae.
Get ready for a blistering pace.
Despite late season slumps, MU and UF keep moving on.
Marquette expecting potent UF offense.
For those of you who like to gamble.
Gators: Hey! We're tough too!
Gators defense will be the key.
More on Duane Wilson's commit.
Marquette poses problems for the Gators.
Buzz doesn't have much pressure.
Wesley Matthews had a sick assist last night.
Number one in Social Media Madness.
Selective headline writing!

Random Music Video: AC/DC