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3.23 Morning Coffee: It's Over Edition

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It was right there for the taking, they just didn't grab it. I think 9 times out of 10 Marquette wins that game. For the sake of brevity, Mr Kensington makes a lot of good points that I was going to make in his dejection post. So just read that.

The refs were about as wretched as we've seen all year. It was the only game this season Marquette didn’t get to the bonus in the first half. They're far from the reason MU lost, but when you need things to go your way, they were of no help.

It wasn't just DJO and Jae being cold. It was Davante 2-7, Vander 1-8, Junior 0-5. Everyone played an equal role in the loss.

In the end, it was a very, very good season. Not great. Making the Elite Eight would have made the season great. Losing to Florida doesn't change that it was a good season.

This should make you feel pretty good too.

Hangover 3? Keep beating that dead horse Hollywood.

Johnny Depp and one of the Olsen twins.

This 10 year old girl thinks you're worthless and weak.

Dark Knight rises trailer, done with LEGOS.

THIRD grade. SMH.

Parents are starting to regret what they name their kids.

Nuns vs. strippers.

Have I mentioned my love for Karine Vanasse? Here's why. I won't lie, she's giving Alison Brie a run for her money.

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Random Music Video: Hall & Oates - Missed Opportunities