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3.26 Morning Coffee: Super Silly Season Edition

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Well, it didn't take long for the Super Silly SeasonTM to begin. Here are my half-baked thoughts on Buzz's latest spin on the coaching carousel:

Scenario 1: Just like previous years, Buzz, despite his oft-repeated mantra of "it's not about the money," does, in fact, want more money. So he's just following the same scenario that he's done every offseason while at Marquette. I don't blame him, honestly. If you could leverage an extra $500,000 out of your bosses, wouldn't you, too? Buzz has two buddies in the 'media' -- one local, one national -- and he tells them he's 'seriously' looking at SMU. So Goodman and Ganzer took to the interwebs to help their pal Buzz out. Heck, for Ganzer it's almost too perfect: he's got a new website that looks like it was built in 1998 and he needs the pub for his site to start making money. It's a win-win for each of them.

Scenario 2: Buzz didn't have a boss the previous three years, Steve Cottingham's title notwithstanding. Now he's finally being held accountable by someone, i.e. Athletic Director Larry Williams. Buzz doesn't like not being in control of everything anymore. If he's looking to find that freedom he no longer has at Marquette, his best bet is to find it a school more concerned about football.

Scenario 3: Buzz is indeed burned out at Marquette. He's tired of defending his players getting in trouble, tired of the media constantly hammering on how he is (or isn't) holding his players accountable. But if he honestly thinks the media is going to be kinder to him in Dallas, with the kind of money that SMU is reportedly willing to give him, he's dumber then he pretends to be.

So which scenario do you think it is? My take: Scenario 1 with a bit of 2 mixed in. It's the same song and dance we've see before out of Buzz. Plus, he wants the current administration to show him some love by throwing him some extra dough. Regardless of his public protestations about the kids or Marquette being first priority, Buzz's ego needs to be pandered to, pure and simple.

Wait: now Seth Greenberg is the leading candidate for the SMU job? Like I said, Super Silly SeasonTM is here.

The NCAA got its wish with no Cinderellas in the Final Four. Besides all being from a BCS conference, what else do all these teams in common? Big men. Each of these teams has a dominant 5: Davis, Sullinger, Robinson and Dieng. What's that mean for MU? Let's hope Otule and Gardner get healthy this offseason.

Gallagher will be dead soon.

Admit it, you miss Tevin Campbell.

Doctor Who fans, control yourself.

Parents, you've been warned.

Wow, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Please let something go wrong.

Batman got pulled over by the cops.

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