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Grist For the Mill: Your RUMORMONGERING Open Thread

HEARD THIS: people are hearing things!
HEARD THIS: people are hearing things!

I think we've failed you, loyal reader(s).

In the last few days, there's been a veritable poop-tornado of intrigue, rumor, whisper, and speculation concerning the future of Marquette's basketball program and its for-now head coach, Buzz Williams. And, save for the Admiral's distressingly level-headed take yesterday morning, we've contributed nothing to the maelstrom.

I mean, honestly: what's the point in having a blog unless you're willing, ready, and able to give a platform to every half-cocked "well, I heard from Ferris' friend's pet bullfrog that Larry Williams and Fr. Pilarz were seen at a 24-hour FedEx/Kinko's, furiously photocopying pamphlets explaining why they had to let Buzz go AND shipping what appeared to be a urine sample -- which I can only presume was Buzz's -- to that Olympic drug testing lab in Montreal" rumor that's out there?

This lack of aggression will not stand, man. We've got fuels to fire.

Accordingly: here's your chance to be one of those Anonymous Sources that seem to be all the rage at ESPN these days. No credibility? No track record of reliability? No access? NO PROBLEM, FRIEND. It's a brave new world, and it's time we jumped in the pool.

So: what are you hearing?