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Your 2012 Big East Championship Day 2 Open Thread

Aw, come on, Kevin! Keep your chin up!
Aw, come on, Kevin! Keep your chin up!

No conspiracy theories.

At least, that's what we're expected to believe when the higher seeds win the first games of both of yesterday's two Big East Championship sessions and the lower seeds win the second games. It's just complete coincidence that Pittsburgh and Villanova, two programs with long NCAA Tournament streaks on the line, reversed their season long difficulties and beat two teams that had proven to be better than them over the season fairly easily.

We'll get a closer look at the lack of conspiracy theories right off the bat today. I'm sure that Kevin Jones won't have any kind of foul trouble against Connecticut.

Hit the jump for today's games and don't forget about the comments section!

Today, the tournament moves to ESPN and all games will be on the mothership.

Session 1:

#8 West Virginia vs #9 Connecticut, 11am Central
#5 Georgetown vs #13 Pittsburgh, 1pm

Session 2:

#7 Louisville vs #10 Seton Hall, 6pm
#6 South Florida vs #14 Villanova, 8pm