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Temple + Big East = FOREVER (Or Until A Better Football Team Comes Along)

So, you remember when you had that girlfriend, and you went out for, like, a dozen years or so, and you had some OK times, up until you decided that you could probably do better, so you dumped her -- and you didn't do it very nicely, either; maybe it was over the phone, or written hastily on a dry-erase board -- and then proceeded to tell everyone how much better your life was, how the woman was an anchor on your soul and you were kicking yourself for not realizing it sooner?

And then, about eight years later, after you'd lost your job and your wife and had to move back in your mom's basement and were scraping together pennies to pay for your gout medication, you figured: "Eh, what the hell. Maybe I'll give her a call and see if she wants to go see The Lorax this weekend." And, much to your surprise, she not only said yes, but she canceled plans with her friends who hadn't ditched her a decade earlier?

The Big East knows how you feel, friend.

Which is all a long way of saying: OH HAI TEMPLE! How're things?

Eight years after being unceremoniously booted from the Big East's football membership, the conference announced this afternoon that the Owls are coming home to roost (do owls roost? Whatever, go with it). Unlike the last go-round, however, all of Temple's teams will be part of the Big East this time, with Temple football joining in time for the 2012 regular season and the basketball team (plus all the rest of Temple's sports teams) jumping on board one year later. The additions will stock the Big East with eight football schools and 15 basketball teams in 2012, which helps the football side immensely in the short term (nobody really wanted to double-dip against a conference opponent, I don't think).

Going forward, this is probably about as good a fix as the Big East could hope for, basketball-wise: Memphis and Temple aren't going to make anyone forget Pitt and 'Cuse, but snagging the best team in Conference USA and the class of the A-10 ain't that bad.

It sure is kinda awkward, though.