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3.8 Morning Coffee: Wait Is Over Edition

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Bring on Slick Rick and the Ville! Louisville is evil, must be destroyed. That photo is almost too easy to caption. Have at it in the comments.

I like the match up against Louisville. We handled them at home when they weren't at full strength. I think the red birds being at full power might keep it interesting for awhile, but in the end I fully expect the better team to win.

See ya later West Virginia! Take your couch burning ways to the Big 12. You'll fit in perfect with the delusional Texas fans. Two of the three departing schools have been eliminated. Time for Cuse to go down.

Watch this gif of Jae Crowder. Mesmerizing.

Things We Learned From the Big East Tournament Yesterday:
SunDolls may not be the only good thing at USF.
POY candidates aren't supposed to disappear for 10 minutes.
Buzz is awesome and helped out a kid last night.
Georgetown remembered how to play defense and sent Pitt packing.
Nova's dance team is, well, Warrior Brad said it best.
UConn can't do it again, can they?

Two words: Pork Donuts.

Two more words:Paper Cleavage.


Mad props to Topher Grace.

This video will haunt your dreams.

This is why North Dakota is awful.

Even birds like bluegrass music.

Something, something, Alison Brie.

And this looks painful.

First it's birth control, now it's movie popcorn. (Note: this is not a political statement of any kind. Just a lame attempt at a joke.)

I fear for when my daughter becomes a teenager.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Dear West Virginia: THIS. Love, MU Nation and anyone with a full set of teeth.
They may have a late game, but the boys were up early for shoot around.
Hard work pays off for Crowder.
Golden Eagles ready for the post season.
Goodbye Pitt, Goodbye Cuse.
AP Game preview.
Marquette brings Midwest flavor to NYC.
Dear Syracuse, enjoy your new home in the ACC ... while on probation.
Marquette is a dark-horse national championship contender.
OH, HAI TEMPLE, welcome to the club.
It's about getting to the foul line.
Crowder looks like Predator had a baby with another Predator.
AP Story on Jae's award winning Tuesday.
OnMilwaukee asks, why does nobody care?

Random Music Video: Urban Dance Squad.