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3.9 Morning Coffee: Anomaly Edition

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stupid stickers
stupid stickers

Well, sadly my plans for tonight and tomorrow took an abrupt turn last night.

You simply can't be giving easy baskets to a team as offensively inept as Louisville.

Junior, Junior, Junior. What the hell was that? Vander, 6 turnovers. DJO, 6 turnovers. And that's pretty much the ball game. I know Buzz tried to direct some of the blame on to himself, but that's coach speak. Those turnovers were brutal last night. I thought the Cincinnati game was the wake up call the team needed. Guess not. Last night was an anomaly. I least I sure hope it was.

Who thinks we're still a 3 seed? I do. Obviously I lot can change between now and Sunday, but we're still currently sitting as the top 3 seed.

Poor Warrior Brad, he's now stuck in NYC for the next couple days dealing with annoying fanbases. Maybe it's the AE curse. Last time I went to the Big East Tournament, I saw them lose on the first day I was there.

I really hope MU isn't playing when Community returns.

More Alison Brie 'news'

Great news people, Ron Swanson is now on Twitter.

Milwaukee, leave the ducks alone.

More on the Olive Garden lady from North Dakota.

Idiot criminal, in Florida? How surprising.

Tubas are in high demand.

The Lone Ranger movie? Um, not looking good.

Set your DVR for April 19th.

An odd William Shatner story with odd photos.

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Random Music Video: Childish Gambino