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AE Investigates! Bucky Transfer-Gate Edition

You might've heard that there's a bit of a dust-up happening with Bo Ryan's Wisconsin basketball team right now: highly-touted forward Jarrod Uthoff, the former Mr. Basketball in Iowa who voluntarily red-shirted (cough) last season and figured to have a significant role for Bucky in the 2012-'13 season, announced last week that he's leaving the program. Perhaps predictably, Bo seems to have reacted violently to Uthoff's decision: in addition to the standard prohibitions on Uthoff transferring to another Big Ten school or to Marquette, Bo has apparently decreed that Uthoff can't transfer to Iowa State or to a school -- any school -- in the ACC.

We dispatched the Anonymous Eagle Bureau of Nonsensical Investigations to get to the bottom of this imbroglio, and our crack team of crackpot sleuths managed to find the letter issued to Uthoff upon his exit from the program.

After the jump: what the AEBNI uncovered after an exhaustive investigation.