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4.2 Morning Coffee: One Last Time Edition


Rubie has a beautiful post written on the "Buzz to SMU" fiasco that will probably never see the light of day, unfortunately. I'm rarely right, so when I am, I like to point it out. First off, two weeks ago, I called message boards stupid, and then a 90+ page thread of Scoop proved my point. And then it turns out that scenario #1 I wrote last Monday was pretty much dead on. So remember kiddies: despite all the grammar errors and emphasis on boobs, I'm smarter than you think.

So, one last time, here's the CliffsNotes version of what happened:

1. Power play by Buzz: after 3+ years of no boss, Buzz doesn't like that he actually has somebody to answer to. Knowing no legit national outlet will get worked up over SMU, he has to go to his local lapdog.
2. The flames were then irresponsibly fanned by IWB. Doing exactly what Buzz wanted.
3. Larry Williams, the lone adult, quickly and abruptly ends the "rumor" and the power play.

I talked to several members of the media and they basically said the same thing about IWB's post from last Sunday: "We all know Buzz wrote that story for him." So is Ganzer a big enough rube to get played like that? Or did he know he was getting played and decided to go along with it anyway? Legitimate members of the media decided it was a non-story, so Buzz hand-picked a "reporter" to give the story some legs. It's a pretty smart move by Buzz; he knows people still fawn over what IWB says, regardless of whether it's actually got any merit.

And don't even get me started on the letter writing campaign. I have a pretty good idea where that got started, too.

Always remember: Buzz is no dummy. He's played the dumb hillbilly for a couple years now, but he knows exactly what he's doing. He's no different than and just as egotistical as any college basketball coach out there. I'm happy to have him as our coach, I just don't buy into the schtick he sells to the media.

I wouldn't have a problem is Community killed off Chevy.


I wrote about some music I like.

Teenagers scare the living sh*t out of me.

They find this stuff appealing. I have every right to be scared.

Don't burn your food. It could kill you.

Sadly, I remember this terrible cartoon.

Sofa King Gross.


Marquette Basketball Links:
CNN had a nice story on the team's commitment to academics.
Cracked Sidewalks: Replacing DJaeO isn't going to be easy.
Jae made the most of his All-Star invite.
A list of kids transferring, so far.
Creighton is looking good for next year.

Random Music Video: For fans of Hot Chip/New Order. Or Hipster Parents - The Pop Ups.