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4.23 Morning Coffee: Nonsense Edition

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Only a jackwagon would want to fight over being called a jackwagon.
Only a jackwagon would want to fight over being called a jackwagon.

File under "Least Shocking News" category: Aaron Durley isn't walking through that door. I mean really, It sure wasn't coincidence that Tom Enlund wrote a story about how unimpressive he was his senior year. I mean, of all the recruits coming in, why did he do a story on Durley? Magically, four days later he's kicked to the curb. This one could be seen a million miles away.

Buzz: "Hey Tom, I burned IWB on that SMU thing. So, you want to write about one of our incoming recruits?"
Tom:"zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, huh, what? Oh, hi Buzz, you're still here."
Buzz: "I am. I want you to write about one of our incoming recruits"
Tom: "Sure I'd love too. I hear Taylor out of Chicago is great. Or the other Taylor. Or heck, I'd even want to talk to Ferguson kid."
Buzz: "No, I want to talk to Durley's coach about how well he's developed this senior season"
Tom: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, what? Who? Oh that guy, sure. Whatever Buzz. I'll just follow your orders. I'm not doing anything else."

Seriously, if you didn't see this coming, then there is no hope for you.

So Bo is so old and senile he doesn't understand the nuances of the transfer rules?
Interesting. Did Badger fans really buy that excuse? He sure seemed to know the transfer rules with Ben Brust. Or Ian Markolf. Bo put teams on the restricted list so the kid would talk to him? Wow, what a great rapport he has with his players. Sounds like the kid was trying to reach out to him. All this story confirmed is that Bo, like a majority of college coaches, is a jackwagon. Added bonus was watching Badger fans trash this kid up and down. Classy bunch in Madison I tell you.

Old Milwaukee? Not any more. (Well said @teecycletim)

Meet Tuna Scrape, the seafood equivalent of Pink Slime.

Even from this angle, Alison Brie is still hot.

The dude from Mumford & Sons, out-kicked his coverage.

I give up, Hollywood.

This one-hit wonders list gets linkage because it includes Bran Van 3000.

Jesuit deep thought of the day: Life is not only about who we are but how we are.

Random Music Video: Good Old War