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4.30 Morning Coffee: Monkey Edition

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Well, it was nice knowing you, Jamail. Best of luck. Brewtown Andy said it best: So Where Do We Go Now? Jamail is friendly reminder that recruiting services and "experts" aren't exactly "experts." This kid was world beater in high school and both Rivals and Scout were high on him. What did that get him in college? Bupkis. So if you want to hang your hat on every words these clowns have to say, go right ahead. Just don't be shocked when something they say turns out to be wrong.

As for the craziness with transferring and the iron-clad contracts that schools and the NCAA make the kids sign, Rubie suggests the kids take the power back. Part Two is here.

25 driving songs.

The Wiffle Ball is 60 years old.

A Hollywood reboot I'm actually interested in.

Movies that were ruined by their own marketing.

Batman mustache.


Well, duh.

I want these monkey shoes.

I interviewed a monkey last week.

Marquette Basketball Links:
From last week, our player reviews of Jae, DJO, Junior and Vander.
Paint Touches: Jae's path to the NBA.
Cracked Sidewalks: Maybe another JUCO?

Random Music Video: Gaslight Anthem