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Adjective SURVIVOR! The Long Hiatus Edition Resumes

You mean to say we watched an entire college basketball season without picking an adjective to describe our favorite pot-bellied puddle of Jame-O, Tim Higgins? We went the whole year just calling him by his Christian name?

How'd you let us get away with that, dear reader(s)?

Anyway: this horse is gassed and ready. Let's ride 'er to the finish line so we can start a new edition, yeah?


In case you forgot what we're trying to accomplish here:

When we play Adjective SURVIVOR!, we start with a person, or team, or referee, or noun. We give you a list of ten adjectives that (arguably) describe that person, or team, or referee, or noun. Every week, we vote one of those descriptors off the island, until we arrive at the preferred adjective for said person / team / ref / noun. Henceforth, any reference to person / team / ref / noun on Anonymous Eagle will be preceded by that adjective.

In seasons past, the "winners" of Adjective SURVIVOR! have included Smarmy Tom Crean -- and boy, does THAT one look more appropriate with every passing day -- and Drunken Hobbit Jim Burr. This season, Tim Higgins is in our crosshairs.

Before we dropped the ball, we'd voted seven adjectives off the island -- including a thrilling episode where SHAMBOLIC and ITINERANT faced off in a 24-hour battle to the death. SHAMBOLIC emerged the victor, leaving these three contenders for the crown. Which adjective will be eliminated this week?

Happy voting.