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Is Jarrod Uthoff Seriously Considering Marquette?

No wonder Uthoff wanted to transfer. They were beating him during practices.
No wonder Uthoff wanted to transfer. They were beating him during practices.

Iowa Prep Sports is reporting that former Wisconsin Badger Jarrod Uthoff is planning on visiting Marquette some time this week. This visit is scheduled in between a visit to Ames, Iowa, to see Iowa State and a planned trip to visit Florida.

I can't help but notice that this means that Uthoff is planning on visiting all three schools that noted vampire Bo Ryan had originally prohibited Uthoff from transferring to before the 21st century reminded Bo that he's a dope. The next thought to go through my head is this: Is Jarrod Uthoff actually considering any of these schools or is he just on a Screw Bo Ryan tour?

If he is, I'm totally okay with that. In fact, Marquette should consider giving him an honorary degree when he stops by for his efforts. But what if he is seriously considering Marquette? Should Marquette be seriously considering him?

Hit the jump and we'll discuss this.

The upside to Uthoff would be that he might be more talented than anyone else in Marquette's rising sophomore class. He was Iowa's Mr. Basketball last year and ESPN had him ranked #90 for the class of 2011. ESPN didn't have any of Marquette's three freshmen ranked in the top 100, although I think Mayo didn't qualify for ranking because he was at a prep school.

The downside to Uthoff is that he's 6'8" tall and weighs just 200 pounds. Marquette's in need of guys with size, but Uthoff's just tall at this point. If Marquette's going to take on guys with that build, I'd much rather go with Dorian Finney-Smith. Finney-Smith arrived at Virginia Tech as one of the most notable recruits in the country (#18 in the country according to ESPN) and lived up to his billing. He started 30 of the Hokies' 33 games and was named to the ACC's All-Freshman team. A top recruit with a year of experience in one of the best conferences in the country AND he's leaning towards Marquette? Where do I sign up?