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The Day of Reckoning Arrives Question Mark?????


Today marks the end of Marquette University's spring semester. And, if you're inclined to believe some recent (and semi-hysterical) message board musings,* it could also serve as the end of the line for certain members of the Marquette basketball team. If memory serves, at last count, roughly 80% of the roster was rumored to be leaving/on the verge of being forced off the team, with the reasons for the impending departure(s) ranging from the simple (homesickness, lack of PT, etc) to the conspiratorial (Marquette jacking its academic requirements to Ivy League-level standards and retroactively enforcing those standards on the current players).

We assembled the Anonymous Eagle Bureau of Nonsensical Investigations to perform its standard half-assed inquiry into whether these rumors have any legs. We know Aaron Durley's not coming, and we know Jamail Jones won't be coming back, but what else can we expect?

After the jump: we read the Twitter tea leaves for warning signs.

* While we're on the topic, permit me a moment of semi-tangential ranting: in the last month, the Marquette message boards have been polluted with posters talking about what they've heard -- about Buzz leaving for SMU, about kids transferring, about kids coming into the program -- from their "sources." That word -- "sources" -- is being used far, far too often nowadays, and, in my opinion, it's being used inaccurately most of the time. Woodward and Bernstein had sources. You, Generic Marquette Basketball Fan, do not have sources, much like I don't have sources. You and I have things we've heard from other fans who heard something from other fans who heard something from someone who used to work for the athletic department. You and I have whispers passed down through an obscenely long game of telephone. So, if you see me looking skeptical when you're telling me what your sources have told you, you understand why.

Rolling through the roster, from 0 to 54:

Jamil Wilson is back in the kringle capital of the world (provided that "my city" is still Racine), watching movies that I still haven't seen. I look forward to his review.

Darius Johnson-Odom went back to North Carolina for a few days after finishing classes, but he's back in town now and provided this excellent essay documentation a couple of days back. Once he's done with school, DJO is turning his attention to the NBA Draft Combine, which he's got going for him, which is nice.

Vander Blue won't appear in this space next year.

Because he's changing his number to 13, so he'll be further down the list. Anyway, Van's apparently made plans to see former Golden Eagle Jeronne Maymon this weekend, which of course inevitably suggests he's considering transferring to Tennessee ... but he also told Juan Anderson that he'd see him back at MU in nine days. INTRIGUE.

Todd Mayo: taking tests. Working out. Making friends. Living the dream.

Junior Cadougan seems poised to celebrate his (belated) birthday in Toronto, once he completes his amateur meteorology class.

Juan Anderson, the recent recipient of a healthy dose of reverse chivalry, is back in Oakland for a week.

Derrick Wilson is making plans to hang out with other Marquette students over the summer. Plus, he just figured out how to put up a picture of himself in a Marquette uniform on his Twitter background, so he's clearly staying.

Chris Otule, in between performances of "My Girl," seems to have finished his finals. Unless he was saying "Donny."

Davante Gardner, who assumed Dwight Buycks' role as the Most Interesting Twitterer on Marquette's basketball team, finished his exams early this week and went home to Virginia. He's bored. He also apparently grossly underestimated his mother's strength.