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5.14 Morning Coffee: Nothing Happened Edition

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To recap, nothing happened last week.

Another MLB PED suspension has been turned over.

Rawk. The Toadies are back.

Don Nelson just graduated from college.

Watch PBS tonight.

This video made me smile. The British are funny.

Well done, NBC. But will Dan Harmon not return? Wait. It's moving to Friday night? Get bent NBC.

Not so nice job NBC - This looks terrible.

Bikini Hockey League? OK, I might watch hockey now.

100th Digital Short is saved by Natalie Portman of course.

Minor detail, comes back to life.


No surprise this story comes from the South.

Marquette Basketball Links:
BTA takes a stab at new arena. Interesting split on the poll in that article.
Good luck to the new Big East Commissioner.
Boise State might be on the way out.
Louisville is dying to get out.
Transcript of Buzz on the radio last week.
This post is why we keep Rubie around.
Paint Touches: The best place DJO & Jae to land.
Joe Chapman had a huge game.
Transfers are an epidemic says coach who lost player.
Kyle Davis? Marquette is apparently interested.
Some 3 yr old kid wears a MU or UNC jersey all day long. And can dribble & shoot. you would think someone would have bothered to put video of the kid in the story. Honestly, I'm not even sure that story has a point.

Random Music Video: RIP Duck Dunn!