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The Most Ridiculous Marquette Related Tweet Of The Week: 5/8-5/14

It's a long off season, even if we're just marking time until Marquette's soccer teams begin defending their division titles in August. We're going to have to come up with some way to entertain ourselves, and this is one of them. Each week, we'll feature a Marquette sports related tweet that's completely absurd. It might be someone saying something ridiculous, maybe it'll be a link to a video of all 2:18 of Lazar Hayward's playing time last night in the Thunder's 119-90 win over the Lakers (spoiler: it's not), or who knows. Ridiculous is a nice wide term to keep this going for a long time.

So hit the jump for this week's installment!

Paint Touches is doing a weekly series charting Jae Crowder's path to the NBA Draft in a little over a month. To tease yesterday's newest installment, they fired off this tweet:

Well, if the last two NBA Drafts have taught us anything, I'm pretty sure that this info means we can pencil Crowder into the #30 spot. This would mean he'd be headed to California to join the Golden State Warriors. Kind of appropriate, when you think about it.