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It Was A Good Idea Until The Internet Took Petitions Seriously

You look guilty, Bo.
You look guilty, Bo.

Yesterday, The Big Ten/Eleven/Twelve/Whatever and the ACC announced the match ups for their annual Challenge. One of the things (ok, the only thing) that jumped out at me was Virginia traveling to Wisconsin on the second day of games. This is notable because it's really hard to get Wisconsin, the slowest paced team in the entire country last year, to end up playing against someone who's willing to go into the tar pit with them. But here we are, with KenPom's 338th slowest team headed to the Kohl Center to play the 345th slowest team.

I want nothing to do with even seeing a frame of this game broadcast on my television. I'm sure a wide majority of all of you want nothing to do with it either, and I'm willing to bet that goes for most college basketball fans. That's when our loyal readers stepped up with an idea:

In a word: BRILLIANT.

So this morning I went about finding an internet petition website to set this up. Unfortunately, every single site I found listed success stories of petitions that were featured in various news stories and had real world impact. Seeing as I was going to set up a petition for the sheer purposes of making fun of Wisconsin and Virginia (but mostly Wisconsin), it seemed grossly out of place to be using these actual successful petition websites.

There you have it, folks. People have started using the internet for the power of good and have limited my ability to make fun of Wisconsin. Yet one more reason to hate the Badgers.