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5.21 Morning Coffee: Nothing Edition

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No player news that we know of, so expect the big news in the coming days to be the schedule. We already know most of the marquee games. The Maui tournament, hosting the rodents of Madison and LSU. Figure there could be SEC/Big East game. Plus, most likely games with UWM and UWGB. Now I've heard rumblings of another game against a big time power conference opponent. Not sure if it's a home & home series or just a one off. So there you have it. I basically just told you nothing. Enjoy it.

RIP Bob Boozer.

RIP Robin Gibb.

Ex-Community showrunner, Dan Harmon, stuck it to his old bosses. My expectations for season 4 have been greatly diminished.

No words to describe this picture.

Battleship, sunk.

No kidding, send a friend a goat!

How about a 3 legged, race running, and probably beer drinking goat?

Babies don't give a sh*t about your precious schedule.

Someone, please go punch this guy.

What a disaster.

This is a catchy song.

She's a rainbow

Lazy Sunday 2.

Marquette Basketball Links
Fox Sports WI on Lockett.
NBC Sports: MU looking forward to the two Taylor's.
The Bradley Center should be getting some upgrades.
It will now be called the BMO Harris Bradley Center.
AND will get 18 Million in upgrades.
Big East meetings are going on in Florida.

Random Music Video: Walk The Moon. Damn obnoxious hipsters and their catchy tunes.