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5.29 Morning Coffee: Y'all Betta Recognize Edition

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Who sez the offseason is boring? Often silly, yes. But never boring.

First, we have a game on a boat, which we strongly and unmistakably insinuated was coming down the pipe last week. Heck, I even put in "Battleship, sunk" in the post too. Maybe we should create a premium subscription to Anonymous Eagle and charge y'all for our half-baked speculations and half-truths. Would you pay for that? Sadly, I think some of you would.

In other news, Juan is having surgery, Jamil is headed to Germany and Aki is soon to be walking in Memphis. But the biggest news was easily the reports of Tim Higgins' retirement. Now if only Jim Burr would have the same amount of decency to do the same thing.

Even the MU Athletics Department recognized Rubie's brilliant artwork. But more importantly, I inspire Fox 6 anchorman Ted Perry.

And, of course, even though it has nothing to do with them, Badger fans are a classy bunch.

Your vs. You're in rap form.

I wrote about some cool music.

Blah, Blah, Blah, Alison Brie.

These cakes will haunt your dreams.

Behold: the triple steal.

Hip hop for kids and it doesn't suck.

A stupid music writer gets the FJM treatment.

If you cared about that one guy from LFO.

If you're a parent, you'll probably enjoy Honest Toddler.

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Random Music Video: Anders Osborne - Black Tar