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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Three: BO-MAGEDDON Edition

No? Yes.
No? Yes.

As we noted in this space last week, ratings for Adjective SURVIVOR!, our annual method of passing the interminable college basketball offseason, dropped to all-time low with the recently-completed Crotchety Tim Higgins edition of the program. Consequently, the network executives put us on Dan Harmon-style notice: boost the ratings in Season Three, they said, or suffer the consequences.

Let's go big or go home, then. ASSEMBLE THE TRIBES.

Yep: our target for this season's edition of Adjective SURVIVOR! is Scourge of the Living and Kitten Blood Enthusiast (and Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball coach, if we're being technical about his resume) Bo Ryan.

Here's your refresher on how we play Adjective SURVIVOR!, if you need refreshin'.

And here's what I need from you, before we start the contest in earnest next week: suggestions for the list of 10 adjectives we'll choose from. Leave 'em in the comments, if you please.

See you in hell.