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Big East Presidents To John Marinatto: SCRAM's Brett McMurphy is reporting that the Big East presidents asked commssioner John Marinatto to resign yesterday and that Marinatto has followed through on that request this morning.

McMurphy's story also points out the following items that make the timing of this move interesting to say the least:

  • There are Big East league meeting scheduled for next week.
  • The BCS is in the middle of regular meetings to hammer out the plan for a college football playoff.
  • The Big East will begin negotiating a new TV contract this fall.

Given all of that, I would like to think that the league presidents wouldn't have made this move without some kind of immediate replacement plan in mind. I suppose we'll have to wait until next week to know for sure.

UPDATE: The Big East made it official, naming Jospeh A. Bailey III the interim commissioner. I presume that Mr. Bailey is this guy.