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40-0 Won't Happen In 2012

Marquette's 64-50 victory over Milwaukee back in December was Marquette's 39th straight victory in the series between the two schools. It was also the last game of a five game contract between the two schools. At the time, I raised the question of whether or not the contract should be renewed. 62% of you wanted to see Marquette and Milwaukee hook it up again for next season.

62% of you are going to be disappointed.

Yesterday, our friends over at Panther U reported that Marquette and Milwaukee will not be playing this year. The key words to that sentence are "this year." Here's Deputy Athletic Director Mike Broeker responding to Panther U's tweet:

Ohio State on a boat or Milwaukee in the Bradley Center? Yeah, the right choice was made. It looks like both sides are interested in continuing the series in the future, so we'll wait to see what happens next summer.

We can lock in the game against Ohio State on November 9th onto the calendar. Later this morning, we'll be find out where Marquette is going for the Big East-SEC Challenge game. See you all in a few...