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V Is For Vengeance: MU Draws Rematch With Florida in Big East - SEC Challenge

Much more of this in November, please.
Much more of this in November, please.

ESPN gets the broadcasts, so they get the news.

After being left out last year because the Big East has more teams than the SEC, Marquette gets an opponent in the 2012 SEC-Big East Challenge, and we're all too familiar with them.

Just a few days more than 8 months after they faced off in the 2012 NCAA tournament, Marquette and Florida will play each other again, with this regular season contest taking place in the O'Connell Center in Gainesville on Thursday, November 29.

Hit the jump and we'll go through the rest of the games!

The 12 games will be spread out over three days on the ESPN family of networks. Times and networks will be announced at a later date.

Thursday, November 29:
Kentucky at Notre Dame
Marquette at Florida
South Carolina at St. John's
Seton Hall at LSU

Friday, November 30:
Syracuse at Arkansas
Tennessee at Georgetown
DePaul at Auburn
Georgia at South Florida

Saturday, December 1:
Alabama at Cincinnati
Villanova at Vanderbilt
Mississippi State at Providence
Rutgers at Mississippi

The two newest members of the SEC, Missouri and Texas A&M, have been excluded for whatever reason. With only 12 games to be played and the departure of West Virginia, that means Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Connecticut have been left out on the Big East's side of the ledger.

UPDATE:'s Andy Katz is reporting that Syracuse athletic director Daryl Gross sent an email to everyone of note in the Big East last night declaring that Syracuse is "over committed" and can not play in the SEC-Big East Challenge AND that Pitt is sad because they were left out.