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6.11 Morning Coffee: Back To Normal Edition

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After a busy couple of weeks, things appeared to have settled down -- although Kendrick Nunn is reportedly visiting campus today.

In other semi-interesting news: Dwight Buycks won himself some hardware. Sometimes, Badger fans make it too easy. Lastly, help us find a fitting nickname for the Lord of the Undead, Bo Ryan.

Oh hey, a profile on me. Damn, I'm handsome. What? You don't follow the Beer Runner on Twitter? Shame on you.

Great story on what some MU students did this year.

Hooray for the underdog. But Seawolves is a terrible nickname.

Winnie Cooper is back on the market, boys.

I love Idaho.

Maybe one of these decades you won't suck, Ireland.

Speaking of sucking: here's the new Offspring song.

Jarrod Uthoff has found a landing spot.

Jeff Giles interviews Jeff Giles.

Those could kill a man.

Wreck-It Ralph looks damn good.

Sorry, kid, that's not how you make your boyfriends 15th birthday special.

If you've been living under a rock, the Mister Rogers remix.

The same guy did this great remix too.

Marquette Basketball Links:
A cool breakdown of a couple of MU plays.
McKay feels right at home.
DJO and Jae are near the top of the charts.
Coaches Corner w/ Buzz Williams.
Jamail has landed at FGCU.
Tom Enlund appears to be awake.

Random Music Video: The Mynabirds