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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Three, Episode One

You are a national treasure.
You are a national treasure.


After a brief foray into the realm of NBA scouting last week, we're ready to launch the BO-MAGEDDON Edition of Adjective SURVIVOR!

Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations. If your suggestion doesn't appear below, that doesn't mean it was bad or dumb. It just means it wasn't good, and you're not very clever. But you're good at other things, precious snowflake. Probably. Maybe.


Assemble the tribes, bust out the jpegs: it's time to vote.

In case you didn't bother to read the rules last time and need another refresher, here's how we play Adjective SURVIVOR!:

We start with a person, or team, or referee, or noun. Below, we've got a list of ten adjectives that (arguably) describe that person, or team, or referee, or noun. Each week, we'll vote one of those contenders off the island, until we arrive at the preferred adjective for said person / team / ref / noun. Henceforth, any reference to person / team / ref / noun on Anonymous Eagle will be preceded by that adjective.

Confused? Here's an example. Two years ago, our target was former Marquette coach Tom Crean. We provided ten adjectives to describe The Tan One -- such as Napoleonic, Reptilian, and Over-Caffeinated -- and, each week, we voted for our least favorite until we arrived at the chosen adjective. In Crean's case, that ended up being "Smarmy." Thus, every time we've referred to His Pock-Markedness on the blog since then, it's been: "Smarmy Tom Crean."

In case it wasn't already clear: this is serious business, folks. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

Here's the list of 10. Let's separate the wheat from the chaff.