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Text-Stravaganza! Anonymous Eagle Investigates the New Rules on Contacting Recruits

As you may have heard, the NCAA's restrictions on coaches making phone contact -- including and especially text message contact -- with recruits were lifted at midnight EDT this morning. The rule change leaves college coaches free to send 16-year-olds all manner of texties, iMessages, BBMs, DMs, Facebookings, etc, at their leisure.

We immediately dispatched the Anonymous Eagle Bureau of Nonsensical Investigations -- which you might remember from such posts as Bucky Badger's iPhone: REVEALED! -- to see how some of the nation's finest coaches are taking advantage of the relaxation of the rules on text messaging. After an exhaustive search, here's what we found:

From Marquette coach Buzz Williams:

More text messages unearthed, after the jump.

From Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan:

From Indiana coach Smarmy Tom Crean:

From West Virginia coach Bob Huggins:

From Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim:

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