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NCAA Releases APR Numbers; Marquette Rolling Along

Today the NCAA released the first batch of Academic Progress Rate (APR) numbers that will carry postseason eligibility penalties. As has been mentioned before, Connecticut's men's basketball team will be kept out of both the NCAA basketball tournament and the Big East basketball tournament for the upcoming season due to their low APR score of 889. The NCAA is mandating all schools have a 4 year running score of 930 to be eligible for postseason play.

This brings us to Marquette's performance. Women's soccer leads the way with a near perfect 998, while men's soccer is Marquette's lowest performer. The 961 posted by the defending Big East Blue Division champions is still easily above the NCAA guidelines, though.

Hit the jump, and we'll give you all of Marquette's scores, as provided by the NCAA's website!

First, the men's sports:

Basketball: 970
Cross Country: 987
Golf: 991
Soccer: 961
Tennis: 985
Indoor Track: 990
Outdoor Track: 990

And the women's sports:

Basketball: 975
Cross Country: 995
Soccer: 998
Tennis: 992
Indoor Track: 993
Outdoor Track: 991
Volleyball: 984

Here's the rest of the Big East schools, in men's basketball:

Notre Dame: 1000
Pitt: 990
DePaul: 984
West Virginia: 979
Villanova: 978
Marquette: 970
Louisville: 965
Georgetown: 960
St. John's: 959
Cincinnati: 956
Rutgers: 952
Seton Hall: 951
South Florida: 948
Syracuse: 936
Providence: 925
UConn: 889