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Rock the Vote: What Was THE Highlight of Marquette's 2011-12 Season?

Van is good at dunking.
Van is good at dunking.

Our friends at Samsung -- who you might remember from such awesome sponsored posts as All The Open Threads During the 2011 NCAA Tournament -- asked us to write about our favorite Marquette highlight from the 2011-'12 season. And after The Admiral and I talked about it, we realized that it was awfully anti-democratic for one or two of us to pick THE highlight of Marquette's season. And if there's one thing we love here at Anonymous Eagle, it's picture of the Sun Dolls Danzig Voltron democracy.

Thus: we're borrowing this idea from Casual Hoya and throwing open the voting, and we're asking you to point out any highlights* we might've missed in the comments. We've got five nominees, plus video (where we could find it) after the jump.

* And when we say "highlight," we mean "singular moment." If you're going to suggest the game against Wisconsin, or the second half at 'Nova, or Buzz's locker room speech after the Murray State game, save your time. We're the ADD generation. Give us a play.

In no particular order:

Vander Blue Posterization Tour: Washington Edition.

Vander Blue Posterization Tour: Wisconsin-Green Bay Edition (it's the last one in the sequence).

Jae Crowder's Dagger Triple Against Washington in the Jimmy V Classic (zip to the 7:50 mark of the video).

Todd Mayo's Floater Puts the Nail in the Coffin at Wisconsin (go 43 seconds in).

Buzz Takes to the Country Roads After MU Wins at West Virginia.