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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Three, Episode Two


After the inaugural round of voting in the BO-MAGEDDON Edition of Adjective SURVIVOR!, it's clear that y'all don't think much of my attempts at semi-clever wordplay: my lame riff on Bo looking like the Grinch was quickly and decisively booted from the contest, as "Scourge of Whoville" racked up 25% of the votes and had its torch snuffed.

That makes it one word down, eight to go in our quest to find THE adjective to describe Bo Ryan. Let's start round 2.

But before we go to the voting, a word from BrewTown Andy, who submitted a nominee that seems to be in the crosshairs in the early stages of the contest. To make sure we give equal time to all the candidates, Andy's going to explain why he suggested "traditional":

One of the more common criticisms of Buzz Williams by Wisconsin fans is that he does not recruit "traditional" players to play at Marquette. Wisconsin fans prefer the much more "traditional" recruiting sense of Bo Ryan, which generally ends up being finding the tallest, skinniest white kid with a buzzcut from the north woods of Wisconsin. If Badger fans prefer Bo Ryan's "traditional" recruiting, then it's only fair to consider "traditional" as a potential adjective for him.

Got it? OK. Good.

Your nine nominees are below. As always: you're voting for your least favorite. Have at it.