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6.25 Morning Coffee: Old People Edition

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Credit: Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE
Credit: Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE

Things have really started to slow down, haven't they? Jerry Wainwright got sick of calling his kids at 2am and is on board with Buzz. Favorite quote from him? "It sounds awful but I don't know how to deal with old people.'' Me too Jerry, me too.

Anonymous Eagle Roll Call: Who will be at Buzz's BBQ this year?

Warning: Off- topic babble. Last November, I called out @dvoors, for whining like a baby on Twitter about the TV feed of a game. But I take it all back. He's a gentlemen and a scholar. I ran my first half marathon on Saturday and I ran about 12 miles with him. We pushed each through the rough and good patches during the race. Until the end, when this old man felt like beating a kid 9 years younger than him. Let the record state, there is no way I finish with a time of 1:53:12 (870th place, 86th place in my age group) without running along with him the whole time. His girlfriend rolled her eyes at our budding bromance, but we couldn't help it. So watch out Twitter, a bro love fest, is coming.

A killer musician from Nola says D-Wade has soul.

Disemboweled Bucky Badger cake? Guys, go talk to Jessica.

So that's what happened to Chunk for Goonies.

Best albums of the year so far.

NPR disagrees.

Maybe now, this whole zombie/vampire craze will die?

30 minutes of Alison Brie talking OR 60 seconds of her gasping.

Like Woody Guthrie? This is a cool project.

Stupid teenagers.

So Twitter has come to this?

Americans are stupid.

Dear Warrior Brad: Why do hipsters deny that they're hipsters? (h/t @TeecycleTim)

A millionaire actor has a hot girlfriend. Shocking.

Trebek isn't dead.

Marquette Links:
MU is strong in the APR numbers.
Please vote for Traditional.
What was the highlight of the season?
D-Wade. Champion.

Random Music Video: Jack White. I was gassed at about mile 11 on Saturday. Then this song came on my ipod. Helped me finish the race strong.