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That's What They Said: 2012 NBA Draft Edition

The goal going forward: Get Marquette guys into this pre-draft Green Room picture.
The goal going forward: Get Marquette guys into this pre-draft Green Room picture.

With the 2012 NBA Draft in the books, it's time to look at how various websites have graded or otherwise assessed the selections of Jae Crowder and Darius Johnson-Odom in the second round. It's like looking at mock drafts, but in reverse!

We'll get started after the jump, so join us there!

Jae Crowder:'s Royce Young grades Jae to the Mavs as a B+:

The last pick for the Mavs via Cleveland. Some have been pegging Crowder as a potential sleeper. He's a tough wing player and someone that's going to play with lots of effort.

The Mavericks get a C- for their whole draft from's Matt Moore, and he has this to say about Crowder:

Junkyard dog who doesn't have a defined position, but will find a way to get onto the court. seems positive about Crowder and the Mavericks:

Crowder is an athlete with a relentless motor. Undersized, but plays bigger than listed.

Last but not least, The Basketball Jones issued all 60 draftees a nickname and landed on '"Rowdy" Jae Crowder' for the Manimal.

Darius Johnson-Odom:'s Royce Young was providing live analysis, so he missed that DJO was going to the Lakers, but he gives the Mavericks a B+ for the pick:

He joins his teammate Jae Crowder in Dallas and is a pretty nice pick here actually. He can really jump, shoots it pretty well and is tough nosed.

Somehow's Matt Moore missed the Lakers selecting Robert Sacre, so he gives their selection of DJO a B+:

DJO has a chance to stick due to his ability to score the ball and his toughness. has what appears to be the standard boilerplate on DJO:

DJO is a pitbull scorer who can hit the three, attack the rim (41 inch vertical), and play some point.

As for DJO's nickname from The Basketball Jones, they might have gotten a little tired towards the end and ended up going with 'Darius "Versatile Lakers" Johnson-Odom.'