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6.4 Morning Coffee: Chew On This Edition


How about that, another non-boring off-season week in Marquette Basketball. Let's see, we scored a major coaching coup and are paying him nicely. The non-conference schedule went from daunting to downright frightening. And they're mostly road games. So the home schedule will be filled with dogs. We learned Ohio State > UW-Milwaukee. Lastly, Buzz is absolutely dominating Milwaukee County.

Also, we need good adjectives to help us give a nickname to Bo Ryan. Speaking of UW, I was disappointed that the MU Athletics department didn't add "AGAIN!" to the end of this tweet. They should have and it would have been awesome.

I interviewed Jukebox The Ghost. Read it. Now. Monkeys.

Packers fans are the worst. Women be crazy.

Glazed donut zodka? GLAZED DONUT VODKA

White Power

Before they were on Game of Thrones.

Richard Dawson was a pimp.

This Deadspin bit on the St. Louis asterisk was brilliant.

I have no hope for this movie.

Want to get high? Play in the SEC.

Garbage is still awesome.

For drumming nerds.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Cool Read: What I learned being around Marquette.
Revenge for Tarik Black.
Groce talks about losing Chew.
Gator fans are excited to play us.
DJO & Mayo speak highly of Aki.
Hope these recruits have unlimited texting.
Military schools have been added to the air craft carrier games.
Former MU players' daughter is going to UConn.
Don't look now, but Louisville, wow.

Random Music Video: The awesome & under appreciated Steve Poltz.