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Your Recall Free Zone Open Thread

Credit where credit's due: that was a sick burn on Andy Katz, Coach.
Credit where credit's due: that was a sick burn on Andy Katz, Coach.

Things are a bit nutty in our (usually) fair state today, and I, for one, have had my fill of Recall Hysteria for one year. (In keeping with my campaign pledge from yesterday: I'm muting anyone who's talking politics on Twitter. At last count, I was up to 16 mutees. I probably should've kept a list, because I'm sure I'm going to forget to unmute one or two of you tomorrow. My apologies in advance.)

So: let's talk about something -- ANYTHING -- else. It needn't be Marquette-related, although if you want to talk about Jameel McKay, a nickname for our new trio of Milwaukee-grown ballers (RUN MKE is the early leader in the clubhouse), or Buzz Williams' interview with Jason King, which, by the by, contains the quote to end all quotes:

When you go back to when I first got the job, Dominic James, Jerel McNeal, Wesley Matthews, the Three Amigos ... those guys were going to win even if Andy Katz was coaching the team.

or DJO's budding career as an NBA analyst, knock yourself out.

Otherwise: explore the studio space. Whale Wars new season just started; Game of Thrones wrapped up on Sunday (#TeamTargaryen, BTW); Around the World in 80 Plates hasn't been bad, and Curtis Stone remains as dreamy as ever (and since we've got one for the ladies, the Admiral demands equal time for the fellas [not even remotely safe for work]); Euro 2012 is fast approaching, even though Lionel Messi apparently won't be in attendance; Kevin Durant is going to win the next like 17 NBA titles; the gaping plot holes in The Avengers ... have at it.

The only rule, today and forevermore: NO POLITICS.

Distract away.