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7.16 Morning Coffee: Overslept Edition

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Big <strike>Sheesh</strike> Sleepyhead.
Big Sheesh Sleepyhead.

A Pro-Am recap? Head right over to Paint Touches for their fine coverage. Highlight from the weekend and the recap: "Davante Gardner: Davante did not play on Friday because he overslept and couldn’t get a ride. You can’t make that up." That pretty much sums it up.

Cracked Sidewalks has the numbers on what happens with or without Todd Mayo.

How old is the Admiral? So old, he threw his back out at a wave pool in the Dells this weekend.

Programing Note: I went out and got a real job. After 300 days of unemployment, I found a gig. With that said, I'm gonna take a few months to get acclimated to the new job and then hopefully, by the time the seasons starts, I'll start writing the coffee again. I'll write one more coffee next Monday and then we'll see if some of the other clowns here pick up the slack. [Rubie sez: LOL.]

I talked with one of the members of Delta Rae.

From 2011, but still.

September 25th. Get here soon.

A double steal for the win? Sure, why not.

Thanks America, we're now gonna get an Ice Age 4.

Star Wars nerds will get a kick out of this.

Star Wars Call Me Maybe.

For the Doctor Who nerds.

More new music I like.

Remember The Toadies? They have a new video out. But it's VERY VERY VERY, NSFW.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Video: Trent Lockett's Journey to Marquette.
End the stupidity, vote for Traditional.
Buzz likes the new texting rules.
Can DJO help the Lakers?
ESPN asks the same question.
9 points and 5 boards for Jae so far.
DJO off to a rough start with only hitting 3 of 18 shots.
A Badger fan's thoughts on MU-UW.
Joseph Burton? Only if Kentucky doesn't get involved.
Keith Frazier?
Dates have been announced for the following games:
Savannah State.

Random Music Video: I know I used Delta Rae last week, but this other video is too bad a$$ not show.