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7.23 Morning Coffee: Edison Out Edition

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Rubie's take down of Badger fanboy Jeff Potrykus was a thing of beauty. ADDED BONUS: It caused Chico's to post on AE.

The countdown to Badger Hate Week has begun!

Things I hate on the Internet:
Outsider: I like Rubie's spin on that, if it's true.
Insider: He's wrong, he doesn't know the real story.
Outsider: OK, that's fine, he's not claiming to have inside info. And the "real story" has never been disclosed. So, oh wise insider, what did happen?
Insider: I know the real story, but I can't tell you.
Outsider: I ain't giving you $7 a month to tell me that.

I did have to laugh while looking at our incoming traffic links. Scoop sent us over 200 clicks over the past three days. BrewCity? 3. Scout? 0.

If you missed the programming note from last week:

PROGRAMMING NOTE! I went out and got a real job. After 300 days of unemployment, I found a gig. With that said, I'm gonna take a few months to get acclimated to the new job and then hopefully, by the time the seasons starts, I'll start writing the coffee again. We'll see if some of the other clowns here pick up the slack. [Rubie sez: still LOL.]

Jay Bilas for Big East Commish? Hell, yes.

And the hammer has been dropped on Penn State. The NCAA is far from perfect, but Mark Emmert did what he had to do. For the next four years, Penn State is limited to 65 schollies per year. Division I-AA, by way of comparison, allows 63.

The Boss is 62.

Hipster Olympics? Ugh.

Woah. The Olympics has my attention now.

The 'Girl from Impanema' turns 50.

Iko, Iko analyzed.

A look at the new Superman.

Drinking beer can be dangerous, chainsaw-y.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Six Minutes.
Jamil Wilson was the highlight of the Pro-Am.
So long TJ, we hardly knew ya.
What the Taylor departure means.
Luke Winn crunching transfer numbers.
I love this Al McGuire shirt.
ESPN Insider: Deonte Burton ready to shine.
How good is our schedule?

Random Music Video: Imagine Dragons

And, I'm out.