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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Three, Episode Five

Heh. Jarmusz.
Heh. Jarmusz.

All Brewtown Andy's buddies, and all Brewtown Andy's semi-anonymous Internet friends,
Couldn't save TRADITIONAL's arse again.

In an emphatic and breathtaking response to some hijinks the week before, the rampaging Internet hordes dispatched TRADITIONAL from this season of Adjective SURVIVOR! with a fury not seen since somebody suggested "underappreciated" for Tom Crean way back in season one. Let this be a lesson to all of you: the readers of Anonymous Eagle will tolerate many things. But they cannot permit shameless ballot-stuffing in a contest as important as this.

We're down to six contenders now, so let's assemble the tribes.

This promises to be a fascinating episode this week*, since none of the remaining six adjectives have been all that close to elimination. Happy voting.

* Relatively speaking. Obvi.