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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Three, Episode Three

I hope you're happy.

Because y'all decided that HAMBONIN' was your least favorite nominee in the last installment of Adjective SURVIVOR!, I'm contractually obligated to run this video.

Now you see how Bo gets all those five-star recruits to come to Madison: when a man comes into your living room and closes his presentation with the hambone, there isn't a parent in this world who wouldn't say: "Now THAT's the guy I want coaching my boy for the next four years, plus the one year he's forced, er, voluntarily chooses to redshirt."

Anyway: with two words eliminated in the BO-MAGEDDON edition of Adjective SURVIVOR!, we're starting to separate the contenders from the pretenders, and there's a couple of words that have bullseyes on their backs as we begin episode 3. Can TRADITIONAL or INCREDULOUS OF FACE win immunity* and stave off elimination for another week?

Your eight adjectives are below. Happy voting.

* Since we don't have that, the answer is: no.