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In Which We Introduce A Contest For The 2012 Anonymous Eagle Primer

The Golden Eagle wants YOU to win a T-shirt!
The Golden Eagle wants YOU to win a T-shirt!

Would you believe that the Marquette University Class of 2016 arrives on campus a week from tomorrow?

We're looking at a brand new crop of students, and more importantly for us here at Anonymous Eagle, we're looking at a brand new crop of Marquette fans. Last year, we produced the highly successful Anonymous Eagle Marquette Basketball Primer. It's going to make its return this year, but we've decided to add a twist to the proceedings.

This year, one of the sections will be written by YOU, our loyal readers. Here's how this will work:

  1. Visit's men's basketball roster page and pick out one of the eight returning scholarship players.
  2. Write a paragraph with what the new freshmen need to know about that player.
  3. E-mail the paragraph to with the subject header: AE Primer Contest

Your part is that simple. We'll pick a winner, and not only will the winning submission make it into next Wednesday's Primer, but the winner will also receive their choice of the Marquette throwback jersey T shirts from the Spirit Shop AND an autographed picture of Admiral Ackbar, S.J. How's that for a heck of a deal?

Last bit of business: Entries must be received by Monday, August 20th, so we have time to assemble the Primer. If you have any questions about the Primer or the contest, hit us up in the comments section, email, Twitter or Facebook!

Good luck!