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The Marquette Related Tweet Of The Week: 8/7-8/13

Tweet Of The Week started out as a lark to pass the time during the summer months when there was little to talk about. But now, the fall sports schedules have started with exhibition wins for both men's and women's soccer, and with that, we're going to have more to talk about around these parts. So the question becomes: Do we continue the summer frivolity on into the school year when games are actually played and nonsensical investigations will be conducted?

The answer? YES.

Onwards with Tweet Of The Week!

(Why yes, I still haven't written a brand new intro for this, why do you ask?)

Ok, ok, ok. I know that last week I said that I hate using tweets from social media professionals in this space, but this one serves a good purpose.

You heard the nice people in Admissions. Go fire up your Twitter machine and give the new freshman some helpful hints about college. Keep it clean, kids, and don't worry about telling them who sent you. We've already taken care of that.

Have you seen a Marquette related tweet that you'd like to see in this spot in the future? Send the direct URL link to and be sure to send your Twitter tag along with it so we can give you credit for finding it!