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Adjective SURVIVOR! Season Three: Three's Company Edition

This is Bo's come-a-courtin' face.
This is Bo's come-a-courtin' face.

With just two episodes to go in the BO-MAGEDDON edition of Adjective SURVIVOR!, the wheat has clearly been separate from the chaff. Out of 83 total votes, UNDEAD and LIVID combined for a whopping 63 in last week's episode. Ultimately, UNDEAD got stuck with the Old Maid card, edging out LIVID by a single vote to earn elimination.

And so, we're officially down to three in our Quixotic adventure to find THE perfect adjective to describe Wisconsin basketball head coach/chupacabra Bo Ryan, but let's be honest with ourselves for a moment (and only for a moment): this is a two-horse race now. LIVID is the Lisa in Top Chef Season 4 of the contenders in this season of Adjective SURVIVOR!: always doing just enough to squeak by, never doing anything inspired or noteworthy, and just generally ass-y.

Anyway: because we're contractually obligated for 28 episodes a season, let's get this over with.

You know what you're doing by now, right? Vote for the adjective you want off the island. And then get ready for Europe to rock your socks off next week, as we hit THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.