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Adjective SURVIVOR! Final Four Edition

"No, THIS is how you do the dance from Thriller."
"No, THIS is how you do the dance from Thriller."

You cheeky monkeys.

Y'all couldn't make up your minds in last week's edition of Adjective SURVIVOR!, as VAMPIRIC and SLEEP INDUCING each racked up an impressive 17 votes after seven days of voting. It's unfortunate that we have to do this at this stage in the contest, but rules are rules here (unless, of course, I change them midstream): in the event of a tie at the top, both adjectives get booted from the contest.

And thus: we've arrived at the Final Four.

Adjective SURVIVOR! is always serious business, of course, but the nitties are getting awful gritty right now. In case you need help making your decision this week, then, we present the following definitions and links for our remaining contenders.

UNDEAD (un·dead) [uhn-ded]
No longer alive but animated by a supernatural force, as a vampire or zombie
. As in: that ref better get the rock out of there before Bo's undead minions beat him to death with his own arms and eat his brain.

LIVID (liv·id) [liv-id]
Enraged; furiously angry. As in: you don't want to see Bo Ryan livid. You wouldn't like him when he's livid.

DICKISH (dick·ish) [dik-ish]
The state of being a dick. Like: all the time. As in: Bo Ryan's interview with Mike & Mike during Uthoff-Gate was one of the most gloriously dickish radio appearances of all time.

RODENTIAL (ro·den·tial) [roh-den-shuhl]
Resembling a rodent in appearance or mannerisms.
As in: that's an eerie likeness between Bo Ryan and Bucky Badger. Dude looks downright rodential.

The polls are open for a week. Happy voting.