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8.6 Morning Coffee: Curiosity Edition

Curiosity is on Mars and is operational! (via <a href=""></a>)
Curiosity is on Mars and is operational! (via

NASA landed the rover named Curiosity safely on Mars a little past midnight today. It was a hell of a thing to stay up and watch, even if my Time Warner Cable internet connection flipped out three times in 45 minutes. Curiosity is the most complex device that NASA has put on Mars, so it required a brand new method of landing as covered in this video. It's one hell of an accomplishment, even for a bunch of steely-eyed missile men and women. I love living in the future.

Lesser known but still adorable animal babies.

Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!

Days of Future Past as a movie? I still haven't seen First Class, but I can get behind this idea.

Some chucklehead earned himself a beatdown from a Dutch judo medalist because he threw a bottle on the track right before the 100m finals in London.

Speaking of the 100m finals that I watched live on my phone because it wasn't broadcast on NBC until 8 hours later, NBC should probably stop talking.

Marquette links:
The Derrick Wilson/Jake Thomas/Garrett Swanson team won the Milwaukee Pro-Am Tournament.
5 game mini-plans go on sale at 10am today. These are your best shot at Wisconsin tickets.
Marquette Mailbag with women's lacrosse coach Meredith Black.
Chris Otule checked in with the start of women's soccer practice.
And the soccer fan fest is on Thursday.
Jordan Brand put out a new commercial and it includes a literal tip of the hat to MU.

Random Music Video: Team Unicorn FTW!