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9.10 Morning Coffee: Pumpkin Spice Latte Edition

Sorry, Coach Pelini, your team's loss wasn't ridiculous.
Sorry, Coach Pelini, your team's loss wasn't ridiculous.

Mmmmm, delicious.

Since Rubie asked for space for discussion last week, let's play "Who had the most ridiculous college football loss on the weekend?"

  1. Oregon State 10, #13 Wisconsin 7. The Beavers held the Badgers scoreless in the first half and out gained them 354-207. But don't worry, this is all the offensive line coach's fault.
  2. Louisiana-Monroe 34, #8 Arkansas 31 (OT). The Razorbacks had a 28-7 lead with 9:42 left in the third. This never would have happened if Bobby Petrino had any self control whatsoever.
  3. #2 USC 42, Syracuse 29. This wasn't even this close, as the Orange got a touchdown with 1:17 left. Nice job, ACC. And speaking of the ACC...
  4. Cincinnati 34, Pitt 10. Pitt scored an even more useless TD in this game, finding paydirt with 34 seconds left. And if you thought the ACC felt awkward about their expansion...
  5. #24 Florida 20, Texas A&M 17. Turns out midnight yell practice doesn't help you score points in the second half, as the Gators shut out the Aggies to rally from a halftime deficit in College Station.
  6. #7 Georgia 41, Missouri 20. Just like the Aggies, Mizzou opened their SEC schedule at home and got popped in the second half.

At least Good Bull Hunting got their new logo over with the College GameDay audience.

We've got our own new logo, by the way.

I'll take "People that the Secret Service tasered the living hell out of" for $200, Alex.

You bastards.

Where Are They Now?: The Sandlot.

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Random Music Video: Christina Aguilera - Candyman