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9.17 Morning Coffee: #getTRbackonbeat Edition

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Welcome back kids. If you haven't heard, we're getting an overhaul real soon. I've seen what it will look like and I like it. A lot. The layout is certainly much snazzier than what we're dealing with now.

So: Marquette lost its beat reporter from the Journal Sentinel. Again. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and all, so it's time to get a hashtag going: #getTRbackonbeat. Is it likely? No. Is it catchy? Not really. Am I accidentally going to tweet #baconbeat at some point? Undoubtedly. But as grandma used to say, it never hurts to ask. And Deputy AD Mike Broeker wants in, so let's do this.

Apparently, now-former MU reporter Tom Enlund is taking the next round of buyouts in the never-ending Journal Sentinel downsizing. I mean, he hadn't written anything since July 7th on Marquette, and he hadn't written anything at all since July 14th. What's that, like eight or nine weeks of doing nothing? Tough gig.

Enlund killed the good will and coverage we got from Rosiak. I don't see us getting it back anytime soon. I mean, do we really need in-depth coverage for Southeastern Louisiana? Of course not. But would it kill to have someone like Rosiak on for the Ohio State Carrier Classic game? Absolutely.

Listen, I have no idea what the JS plans to do with their Marquette coverage. I sent an email to the Sports Director Mike Davis (he's at the day the Big East schedule was released. It had been three-plus hours since the schedule was released and the JS still hadn't posted anything, so I sent him an email asking if Tom Enlund was dead. He never replied, but a blog post was thrown up about 40 minutes later. A Twitter campaign probably won't get Todd back, but it wouldn't hurt to tell the JS you expect better than what we got from Enlund.

So Brewers: you're gonna make a go of it, aren't you?

Bret Bielema is going to be a couple days late on his rent this week. Watching this spectacular meltdown in Madison is amazing.

Ben Arthur won the internet last week. He answered questions as if he was Bea Arthur.

Kill it with fire.

Anyone remember OK Soda? The original hipster drink.

I've watched this TD run at least 10 times.

The voice of Optimus Prime.

NPR milking a dead horse.

Paul Simon is an a$$hole.

New Robocop? Meh.

Wanna make a lame cover for your album? Follow this guide.

Marquette Basketball Links:
Kudos to everyone involved with Al's Run.
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The basketball schedule is brutal this season.
Same with the lacrosse schedule.
Mayo or Blue?
Cross Country team is off to a good start.
We lost out on Nunn. Are you crushed by this? If so, I'm sorry for your life.
Leave the kids alone.

Random Music Video: What Makes A Good Man? If you don' t like this song, you have terrible taste in music.