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9.24 Morning Coffee: House Organ Edition

In this week's edition: Badger Hate Week comes early for the Huskers, plus: The Promise Ring, Jerel's a Raptor, and bad singing.

Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

DID YOU KNOW? This week is a precursor to Badger Hate Week. It's true: Warrior Brad and I are both from the great state of Nebraska and the Cornhuskers face the Badgers Saturday night. So, consider this your open invitation to join the Huskers bandwagon this week. Our quarterback's nickname is T-Magic, so I understand if you want off the bandwagon after the game. Seriously. T-Magic.

I've attended many a college football games in many different places. Nowhere, outside of Madison, are the fans just swearing at you -- "you" being a fan of the opposing team -- for no reason. I mean, how boorishly do you have to behave in order to make your own AD and Meathead Bret write you a letter? After personally being yelled at by Badger fans last year, Nebraska's AD responded with this comment:

"I think, usually, schools with good tradition, that have won a lot in the past, are fairly tolerant," he said. "The ones that have won just lately sometimes don't know how to handle it very well."

Wisconsin fans being boorish? It's something we all know, but its nice to see someone with a bit of authority calling them out too. Ultimately, this is our goal this week. (h/t to @OtherJaymes for making the gif.) Thanks to adidas, the game is going to look like a pajama party. That concludes your Huskers talk of the day.

As I understand it, #dontmesswithhappy means something along the lines of: #dontholdmeaccountable.

Why is working with Rubie awesome? He writes things like this.

FYI, the new Anonymous Eagle site layout and logo should be coming very, very soon.

The Promise Ring killed Adele, in a great way.

Steve Sabol Meant to Me.

Billie Joe is off to rehab for being addicted to suck.

Greg Dulli is pretty awesome.

Sex. French Maid outfit. Hammer. Yikes.

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Marquette basketball video is the Armageddon of music.
Jerel McNeal was signed by the Raptors.
Tickets to the game in Green Bay are about to go on sale.

Random Music Video: The new Ben Folds Five is a reminder of how terrible his solo stuff was.